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Vera Scalia creations, Dreams from Wear

The Artisan Tailoring Vera Scalia offers the originality of their garments made strictly Made in Italy, using fabrics and accessories from the best brands.

Our creations are designed after a careful interview, a comprehensive research materials, a study of more colors that belong to you.

The result is a unique item and customized.

The colors, the model, the accessories will be the mirror of who you are, a perfect synergy between being and appearing that will allow you to be successful.

The 'twenty years of experience sets us apart for professionalism and creativity.

From tailoring production of prom dresses of various kinds, to clothes for the show and for the theater.

From evening wear, the line Quiero Bailar, born to your internship, and training for your disco nights.

But our tailoring has much more to offer, on our e-shop you will find ...

  • The highest quality products
  • Great customer service
  • Refund Guarantee within 30 days


About us

"Vera is very good !! It has great qualities of creativity, imagination and ability to create beautiful garments! "

Ennio Furesi

"In the first moment we found ourselves with Vera, it has established a great harmony and a strong emotion.
It 'a person who knows how to dream with you, your words and feel the sensations translating them into smaller sections and drawings and dreams.
Then come one day and see appear made, real, real projects designed together .. and think: we, translated into fabric and colors what I had in mind.
It is not easy to be able to grasp the dreams of another, make them their own, and live them materialize.
A great artist and person. "

Ilaria Fontana - Director and screenwriter Alice the Musical